Carolyn Jones


Carolyn July 2015

Carolyn, born in New Zealand to a New Zealand mother and Dutch father, moved to the Netherlands at age of 12. She and her British husband, Mark, live in Zoetermeer, a new town just outside The Hague, where they raised their three sons. She has more recently become a doting grandma!

Carolyn became a Christian shortly after arriving in the Netherlands in 1976  and attended a Dutch church in Zoetermeer. Six years later she moved into The Hague to train as a nurse. Soon after she joined the English-speaking Anglican church in The Hague, St John and St Philip. “Not only did I meet my husband there but it was a friend from St John and St Philip who invited me to what was then known as ‘Women’s Aglow Fellowship’.” She recalls, “I found a group of active Christian women, whose love for God, whose experience and closeness to Him were beyond inspirational: that was what I wanted to become. I had heard about the Spiritual Gifts, including speaking in tongues, but had never seen them in action before. The moment I encountered speaking in tongues at their meetings I knew that this was God, and that it was genuine. I knew it was key. I stayed.”

Always an active member, Carolyn joined the board of the English-speaking Aglow group in The Hague, eventually serving as president for 6 years. In 1999 she became assistant to Dianne de Jong, the director of the European English Aglow, who oversaw English-speaking groups within the Aglow ‘family’, on the European continent until June 2015.  At that time Dianne passed the baton to Carolyn, who succeeded her as director.

A major part of Carolyn’s ministry has always been leading worship and intercession, with a clear prophetic character. As she was challenged by the roles of local chapter-president and especially of Assistant-to-the-director, to pick up a whole range of other tasks. Receiving an on- the-job training she developed also in preaching & teaching for Aglow groups on both local and national level.

Carolyn summarizes her present take on the European English Aglow: “The multi-cultural and multi-contextual nature of the European English Aglow makes for a fascinating and remarkable personal experience and a glimpse of the world-wide Body of Christ in action. The unique bond the Holy Spirit creates between us not only transcends our differences but has made a place for God’s Presence that restores, equips, energizes and mobilizes us to meet the challenges of our day. Christ in us, the hope of glory!”