Welcome to the European English Aglow

Part of a worldwide movement of Christian women coming together to discover and share life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome to the European English Aglow

We explore together in local group meetings, conferences, day events, seminars and trips.

Welcome to the European English Aglow

We learn who we are in Christ and how to live out of our identity in Him.

Conferences and Events

is planned for March 22-24 2019

Westelbeers, The Netherlands








Annual Open Conference
22-24 March 2019
Westelbeers, The Netherlands
About Us

Who’s who

Director: Carolyn Jones

Assistant Director:  Charlane Maryns-Edwards

Administrator: Sharmila Geldermans

Prayer Coordinator: Miriam Rotman

Board of Trustees:  In addition to the executive board – Dianne de Jong and Evelyn Black

About us

Vision and Mission statements

What we beleve

Core Values

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Highlights from our Spring 2018 Conference

Get a flavour of our Spring 2018 Conference.  Together, we praised the Lord, rejoiced in His love, and got to know sisters in Christ from around the world.

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