Welcome to the European English Aglow

Part of a worldwide movement of Christian women discovering life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome to the European English Aglow

Exploring life together in local group meetings, conferences, day events, seminars and trips.

Welcome to the European English Aglow

Learning who we are in Christ and how to live out of our identity in Him.  Come join us.

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Search our locations to find an English speaking group in continental Europe.

The Netherlands


  • President: Leigh Ann Stouffer
  • Meeting: 1st Saturday, 10:15 coffee,  meeting 10:45-12:15
  • Christ Church Amsterdam, Groenburgwal 42, 1011 HW Amsterdam.
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  • President: Vera Nartey
  • Meeting: 2nd Saturday, 10.00 -13.00
  • Odilia van Salmstraat 25, 4811 LB Breda
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  • President: Sue Holleman
  • Meeting: 2nd Saturday, 10:00-12.30
  • in the grounds of Lambertuskerk, Hoogstraat 297, 5654 NA Eindhoven
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The Hague

  • President:  Constance Osafo
  • Meeting: 3rd Saturday, 09:30 coffee, meeting 10:00-12.30
  • Redeemer Church, Sint Jacobstraat 125, The Hague
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  • President: Margaret Tenadu-Addo
  • Meeting: 3rd Saturday, 19.00 - 21.00
  • tbc    Please contact us
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For Dutch Aglow groups go to   aglow.nl




  • President: Jeannette Membreve
  • Meeting: 4th Saturday, 9.30-13.00
  • Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, 91-93 Ave Louise, 1050 Brussels
  • NB: this is a breakfast meeting. € 7 for the breakfast on entry
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For Flemish or French speaking Aglow groups go to   aglow.be




Chapter in rest


  • President: Roselyn Kiwala
  • Meeting: Second Saturday, 14:00-16.30
  • Meets in private homes
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For Aglow groups in German go to   aglow.de


Los Montesinos

Chapter in transition

  • small groups being planned
  • Please contact us if interested in joining small group
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Marina Alta - Javea 

  • This chapter currently holding small group meetings.
  • Connect with us using the contact link below.
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For Aglow in Spanish  go to  Aglow España




  • President: Florencia Pujol
  • Meeting:  1st Friday 20.00 hrs
  • Venue:  various locations in and around Luxembourg city
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  • Contact: Giannina Wild
  • Meeting: tbc
  • Venue:  meeting in homes
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Leman ( Geneva)

  • Contact: Lynn Gentile
  • Meeting: 3rd saturday of the month, 10 am to 12 noon
  • Venue:  9 Rue Juste Olivier, 1260 Nyon
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Who’s who


Executive Board

  • Director: Sharmila geldermans
  • Assistant Director: Helen Amos

Board of Trustees

  • CHAIR: Sharmila Geldermans
  • Helen Amos
  • Dianne de Jong
  • Evelyn Black
  • Carolyn Jones