Your donation to the European English Aglow is putting the means in our hands to do the work of running the ministry.  We are volunteer run and completely self-supporting.
Thank you.

A one-off donation can be made by bank transfer or by using the PayPal button below.

Stichting European English Aglow
Beethovenlaan 44
2264 VG Leidschendam
The Netherlands
IBAN:  NL20 INGB 0007 2993 95      BIC:  INGBNL2A

Covenant Partners

In becoming a covenant partner you undertake to donate an amount on a regular basis, to help provide a steady stream of funds into the ministry.  Aglow is His ministry, raised up “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). An European English Aglow covenant partner is someone whose heart responds to the vision, plans and purposes of God that are being accomplished in this ministry.

The European English Aglow is part of the Aglow International family, with a specific call to the international communities in European cities. Often those in these communities experience isolation due to language and cultural barriers. We provide an English-speaking spiritual home, guidance, training and mentorship to scores of women at a dozen different locations scattered across continental Europe.

As a Covenant Partner your ongoing financial support helps provide:

  • necessary travel and good communications
  • training opportunities for leaders
  • chapter planting and start-up
  • resource development
  • charitable projects


If you’re interested in becoming a covenant partner please contact us.

Fill in this debt slip and post to:

Stichting European English Aglow
Beethovenlaan 44
2264 VG Leidschendam
The Netherlands

Tax benefit for donors resident in The Netherlands

The European English Aglow Foundation acquired registered charity status in 2016. In the Netherlands a registered charity is said to have  ‘ANBI status’ (Algemeen Nut Beoogende Instelling).  This means that donations made to the European English Aglow are tax deductible for those who pay tax in the Netherlands. To be eligible for the tax deduction all your charitable giving, taken together, must exceed 1 percent of your annual taxable income (in Dutch: verzamelinkomen).

This is valid for the Covenant Partners (regular donor) as well as the occasional donor.

If you would like to know how to become a Covenant Partner or how to benefit from the tax deduction for donations to the European English Aglow contact our Treasurer (