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People from all over the world are making their way to Europe and within Europe there are more and more people on the move. For work or higher education; for family reasons; economic migrant, expat or refugee. Whether they’ve come to stay or are passing through, many find themselves in need of community and encouragement in a language they can communicate in. This ‘linguafranca’ is often English. We seek to reach these, the newly arrived women in Europe, introduce them to Jesus if they do not know Him already and continue to encourage them in their Christian walk, through the life and message of Aglow.

The chapters are by and for women from all over the world. Each chapter has its own special “flavour” depending on the nature of the community amongst which it is living.

For the first nearly 50 years of its existence, Aglow has been a movement for women. A more recent developmenmt has been the opening of its doors to men, starting men’s groups with the name Men of Issachar. This is in its infancy in the Eurpean English Aglow, though there are sparks of interest in various places and this will be encouraged in the coming season.


English-speaking Aglow chapters were the first Aglow chapters to appear in Europe in the early 1970s. The European English Aglow was established in 1999 as an umbrella organisation for these chapters in European countries where English is not the native language (i.e., we do not operate in Britain or Ireland). We function alongside and in collaboration with the now well-established national Aglow organisations in European countries.

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(Luxemburg does not have a national Aglow – yet!)